Let RFID technology return to innocence!

Hits the product primarily by the ABS and Cartoon Keyfob, mainly supplies the European and USA market, the product by non-toxic, tasteless, the elegant and attractive appearance, firm durable receives customer's welcome.

Latest innovation products is RFID Cartoon keyfob. According to the requirements of customers to design different cartoon images.Let our RFID Cartoon keyfob bring more joy and innocence during usage.



 ABS, Environmental protection PVC,Silicone,


 1-Access control and ticket for theme park

 2-Season ticket for sport event and concert

 3-Anniversary ticket for MTR or event

 4-Loyalty or membership for club.

 125kz Chip Available:

 EM4200,TK4100, T5577, Hitag 1,Hitag 2, HTS256, HTS2048, Hitag UR064 or other consigned chips

 13.56Mhz Chip Available:      

 NXP Mifare1K S50,Mifare 4K S70

 NXP Mifare Plus EV1 2K/4K,Mifare Plus S 2K/4K,Mifare Plus SE 1K ,Mifare Plus X 2K/4K, with 4byte or 7byte UID                      


 NXP Ultralight EV1 256bits and 1024bit,Utralight C,


 Desfire EV1 &EV2 2k/ 4K/8k

 Mifare1K Compatible: FM11RF08(F08)/Huada S50

 Mifare 4k Compatible: FM11RF32/Huada S70

 Or other customized chips


 OPP bag