RFID PAPER LABEL AND TAG  (More efficient and cheaper)

By our the world classic auto converting machinery and experienced technology team we can produce RFID paper label and tag in various dimension to diversify tailored applications and solutions developed by our customers. Integrated system of our products will be more stable and efficient for product identification,reducing the risk of lost and counterfeit products, and resulting in complete visibility across the global supply chain in real time.

We offer tailor-made RFID paper label design service for the solution by our decades of comprehensive expertise in tags and labels for free to enhance tight closed cooperation.

Our advantage is high capacity and low cost

Cost saving for our customer is our strategic target.


Our converting machine for paper label including:

Converters Machinery :

         -Muehlbauer CL15K x 1, Muehlbauer CL60K x 1

         -Melzer SL-400 x 1

         -Bielomatik x1

Capacity :60Million pcs per month.

Package: Roll to roll , single piece , fanfold, Pre-cutting line.

Real Samples making for approval only need maxium1 weeks and MOQ is 5k pcs.

Personalization: Chip encoding , inkjet or thermal printing number,

Printing method: offset paper label printing roll to roll

Chip available : Alien Higgs-3,Alien Higgs-4,Monza 4D、4E、4QT,Monza5,NXP UCODE7.

             NXP Ultralight EV1/Ultralight C/Mifare 1k EV1/ICODE SLI/ICODE SLIX

             NXP NTAG 210/203/213

             Fudan F08/F005/F32

QR2213 QR2217

Download the data sheet .clothing label and tag ,RFID product list .